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TikTok Ads: the new advertising platform on TikTok

The rise of TikTok is undeniable, as the numbers speak clearly: 2020’s most downloaded app, billions of users, new trends, thousands of top influencers and an ever-stronger interest from brands.

For us at CreationDose, as a MarTech company that immediately invested in the new communication channels, it was love at first sight with TikTok. Today we are among the first European advertisers to be able to test the new TikTok Ads Platform exclusively, and we wanted to share our first impressions of the platform with you.


TikTok Ads: what it is and how it works

TikTok Ads is the TikTok Advertising platform that allows advertisers (brands and advertising agencies) to create paid advertising within the social network. The platform is still in the testing phase and is open to very few advertisers across Europe.

TikTok has chosen CreationDose to preview the functions of its new platform and discover its full potential, so as to offer a new service to our customers.

Our company, that has always specialized in Influencer Marketing and whose community of Talents and Creators is active on all platforms (TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch and Facebook), has also created Tik Analytics, the first TikTok profile analysis tool which is being used in over 25 countries.

But let’s get to the point and analyze the first steps within the platform together.

The first steps inside the platform

As soon as we entered, we came across this first screen


The first step is the creation of the corporate account with which we will create all our ads: we therefore entered the Region, TimeZone, Account Name, telephone number, currency and then confirmed the registration.

Then we enter the general dashboard, obviously free of historical data as we have no active ads to date.

We can see the summary of today’s cost, active campaigns, groups of adverts and active adverts. Comparing this platform to Facebook’s Business Manager, the interface is certainly cleaner and the data emerges more easily – but we will be able to assess this thoroughly after the first tests.

Now we enter the heart of the campaign.

How do you create a campaign on TikTok Ads?

First, the platform makes us set the type of campaign goal and any conversion pixels. In the image below you can see three types of goals: traffic, conversion and app installation.

TikTok Ads

Before proceeding to the selection of the Pixel, let’s give a name to our campaign and define its daily or lifetime budget. As you can see, TikTok Ads also has the A / B Test Strategy.

Once the target has been selected, we can then proceed with the creation of the conversion Pixel – an element that will allow us to track all the audience who reach our app or our website, thus paying only for the conversions that actually took place. A note worth mentioning: the platform has decided to use measurement partners to track the installation of the applications generated by TikTok.

After selecting and setting the tracking pixel, we can proceed with the selection of the places where we want to publish our campaign: not only TikTok, but also the entire network of partner applications, such as Vigo, Helo and all the news feeds of the App Series.

Another step is that of selecting the target we want to reach: the size of the target audience will be indicated in the sidebar.

Going into even more detail, you will notice that it is possible to select the geographical position, gender, age, language and categories of interest which, we can guarantee, are very broad and precise.

TikTok Ads: how to set up creatives

We have reached the section dedicated to creativity: here you can select both a single video and an image, following the indications and formats suggested by the platform. Obviously our advice is to use videos, better if created by Creator on TikTok; in our case, for example, we activate our Vidoser community to create original and exclusive content to be used also in advertising.

Note that in this phase it is possible to create videos from predefined customizable templates and that TikTok Ads also offers the possibility of generating, via links, the videos to be used.

We have not used these options and we have uploaded a video made by us: in this case, too, the platform is well made as it is possible to immediately preview the content and check that everything is viewed correctly.

The last step is the payment. Here we enter the payment method and billing information, and our Ads on TikTok are now ready!


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