Tik Tok metrics: what to analyze and why

Tik Tok is starting to spread to increasingly large audiences, capturing the attention of numerous brands and companies. Understanding the metrics that matter on Tik Tok and how to use them is vital in order to get on board and plan a cutting-edge strategy for marketing campaigns.

Exploit a creative domino effect

According to Tech Crunch: it’s definitely time to pay attention to Tik Tok. Every day, hundreds of creative and original pieces of content spread like wildfire, reaching ever wider segments. And brands need to be part of this flow.
As identified by Tik Tok itself, the platform’s strong point is that it features real videos of real people. But those who really generate a viral effect within the platform are influencers or creators: not really ordinary people but real trendsetters, in short.

Get involved, have fun, leave a mark but above all push to action: this is the real weapon of this platform, while statistics and data are the bullets.

Focus on small niches on the rise

Tik Tok can help focus on new niches, the future buyers of Generation Z, involving an unexplored slice of the market; and perhaps even recover some media slips.
This is the case of Dolce and Gabbana who, far from the ugly Chinese mess and the even worse video of apologies, launch a new campaign with branded filter and proprietary hashtag (#dgenouh) on Tik Tok, collaborating with influencers of the calibre of Loren Gray, trying to refresh the brand image.

Tracking and analyzing new metrics on Tik Tok

Tik Tok marks the end of the so-called vanity metrics: you can have zero likes and still create huge viral contents. How? Tik Tok knows its users perfectly and is able to evaluate the worthiest profiles.

Here is a list of metrics to consider on Tik Tok:

  • engagement rate;
  • virality;
  • active fans;
  • reach;
  • conversion.

So, contents are important, but they aren’t the only things that matter. When brands look for Tik Tokers, they can request their analytics data. To have a complete information plan, however, they need to access a specific tool designed to analyze and track Tik Tok metrics.

And, more important, Tik Tok does not allow you to monitor your campaign and define concrete conversion.

Tik Analytics can do this and more, with the proprietary metrics Tik Score and the upcoming pro version.

Discover Tik Analytics Pro to track Tik Tok metrics

Tik Analytics Pro is an all-in-one suite, created to plan and monitor TikTok campaigns. It includes three main features: Finder, My Campaign and Compare.

Finder analyzes creators’ profiles based on followers, nationality, engagement rate and Tik Score. My campaign tracks the progress of branded campaign, offering the possibility to download reports about results achieved. And Compare matches metrics of different Tik Tok profiles.

Still there? Start analyzing!

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