Tik Tok analytics: how to get stats and data

Analytics are essential to defining marketing efforts. But how do you get them?  Here’s what you have to know in order to get demographics and key data.

Whether you are a creator or a marketer, you need to understand which content is better to publish and what kind of audience follows you. Switching to a Pro account, a native Tik Tok analytics tool, is the first step in this direction.

How to get Pro on Tik Tok

Tik Tok Pro helps to get the most out of the experience, giving users analytics insights into the last 7 and 28 days. Setting up a Pro account is quite fast and straightforward. You just have to follow a few steps, as explained here.

  • Go to ‘me’ from the menu bar;
  • Open the Privacy and Setting tab;
  • Choose ‘Manage my account’;
  • Tap ‘Switch to Pro Account’;
  • See the new analytics option.

Once set up, users will gain data about the profile overview, content and follower insights. It allows understanding which contents are more likeable and for whom.  

 But how to access analytics of competitor and other Tik Tok creators?

How to analyze all the Tik Tok profiles in seconds

Tik Analytics is the best tool to provide a complete analysis of all the tik tokers and current trends in real-time. It will give you insights into the performance of profiles you don’t own, like those of competitors or influencers.

Using this tool is extremely easy: just type in the name of the user profile you’d like to track. You will be able to check your Tik Score, a proprietary metric that summarizes the effectiveness of your account, and to check the history of your followers as well as the history of your media and likes in the last week or the last month. You can also check:

  • engagement rate;
  • fans;
  • average hearts;
  • hearts;
  • average comments;
  • videos;
  • hashtag;
  • trends.

In addition, you will soon discover three more features with the Pro version:

  • Finder, to dive into a powerful research experience;
  • My campaign, to track brand campaign into Tik Tok;
  • Compare, to confront all the results.

So if you are thinking to implement TikTok into your marketing strategy, this is the right tool for you.

Go to Tik Analytics and start to analyze Tik Tok profiles.

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