Influencers and communities: finding authenticity

What to know to design your influencer marketing strategy

Transparency and authenticity: these are the fundamental elements that Millennials community and Generation Z require from influencers and ambassadors.

As emerged from the report “Bridging the Gap: Consumer & Marketer Perspectives on Content in the Digital Age” produced by Stackla, 90% of consumers say that authenticity is the key element when deciding which brand to support and follow.

According to these data, users are more inclined to trust UGC content: 79% of people say that UGC content has a strong impact on their purchasing decisions, while only 13% admit to being conditioned by branded content.

A transparency pact with consumers

The relationship between influencer and community must therefore be based exclusively on authenticity. And brands have to adapt. How? By focusing on influencers with a smaller number of followers, but with a strong link with their reference community.

By taking advantage of the content created spontaneously by the user, brands can in fact strengthen their credibility by entering into a real transparency pact with consumers.

For their part, the influencers, or rather micro influencers, should collaborate more and more with brands in which they believe and which reflect their values.

Influencers and communities: gaining trust with authenticity

What matters is the passion and genuineness of the contents, as well as obviously the level of engagement. There is no real formula, it is only a matter of constantly applying practices and carefully evaluating the type of content that is produced and shared.

Producing engaging and interesting content is the challenge that influencers and brands must overcome in order to build a faithful and responsive community over time, in addition to developing a real entertainment system.

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