is here! Let’s welcome our new site!

After weeks of study, work, sketches and design, the CreationDose website is finally online.

From the beginning, our goal has been to explore new ways and solutions, to push ourselves beyond our limits to create and innovate.

Our site expresses our need to constantly strive to realize what we love, which is something that we simply cannot do without. It does by illustrating, section after section, the deeper meaning of our payoff Addicted to create.

On the occasion of the launching of the new site, we have also reorganized all the contents previously published within this new blog: the CreationDose Pills.

CreationDose: where we started from and the next goals

CreationDose was born in February 2018, specializing from the very start in Mobile Apps, Saas products and Influencer Marketing.

The first major project is Vidoser, a platform where Millennial and Generation Z talk about brands and promote them through the creation of short videos, stories and photos that they share on their social profiles.

In its first year of life, Vidoser raised 112 thousand euros in equity crowdfunding on 200Crowd, successfully closing several campaigns and collaborating with the largest multinationals, the best communication agencies and the most popular media centers.

Today it has a community of thousands of users, and through the proprietary formula of Influencer Marketing Mix it can aggregate communities of different types, managing Creator, cross channel content and data analysis in a single solution.

In October 2019, CreationDose launched Tik Analytics, a tool capable of providing detailed information on users, trends and campaigns within Tik Tok.

Used in more than 25 countries and with 100,000 searches performed, Tik Analytics has recently expanded its offering thanks to the Pro version, a real suite for brands and agencies to maximize the results of their communication campaigns.

CreationDose is already working on new products that will soon be launched on the market, developing new technologies and new solutions that anticipate and dictate future trends.

#AddictedTo: what’s your addiction?

In conjunction with the release of our website, we have decided to launch the #AddictedTo initiative: a series of activities involving influencers, communities, startups and companies to explore the concept of passion, or what you simply cannot do without.

Depending on the type of activity, #AddictedTo will be accompanied by different areas of interest: #AddictedToInnovation, #AddictedToStartup, # AddictedToMusic … etc.

The primary objective is to push action and create involvement through interviews, lives, videos and podcasts.

The #AddictedTo initiative fully expresses our identity and our growth model, which is open to comparison and dialogue with the realities that surround us and with which we collaborate.

We look forward to seeing you on our social media and we can’t wait to welcome you to our colorful new home.



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